Had my written & skills Test today..

Nursing Students CNA/MA


The written part was so easy, I was done within a half hour with only a few questions I wasn't 100% sure about.

My skills were SO easy - I really lucked out, and I got to go first luckily because my patient came in with me in the morning, so the instructor said I could go when everyone was done with the written if I wanted.

Well, everything was good until I realized I repositioned my patient to MY right, not on THEIR right side... and I realized this well after the test. My other skill was denture care, which the only thing I forgot was to brush the whole surface of dentures, but otherwise did everything I learned from class. I can't believe how dumb of a mistake I made but now I'll be paying however much to retake that =( I gotta blame some of it on my nerves though, I was so nervous to begin with that I probably just saw the words "position" and "right."

Does anyone know if when you get your mailed results, is there an automatic re-take date for any failed portions, or do you need to submit the request then and wait up to 30 days to have another one scheduled? Will my skills be completely random, the same, or may I luck out with 2 easier ones again?


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