Had to move my last test....next date June 27!


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After working like crazy on transitions for the last 6 days, I bumped my test from today to the 1st available slot which isn't until June 27th :( With LS3 I saw ONE cancel in the last 6 weeks at my center, so I am just ill! I made it 3/4 the way through my content guide and got 68% on the practice exam A. I think I only need maybe 1 or 2 more days to prepare but I just didn't want to risk not passing. I thought that practice exam was tough. I still need to search out a CPR that will work for me anyway, so I figured I would obsess about this a little more and work on getting together my CPNE application together. I can't shake how disappointed I am though with no sooner dates. I do plan on calling my nearest center on Fri am just to make sure they have no last minute cancels. One test center 128 miles away has an opening on June 22, ugh.


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68- you have this!! Keep checking for cancels. I always got one by looking several times a day! Good luck!!


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Take a road trip to the one on June 22nd, with a Form A score of 68%, you will do great on your exam :-)


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I rescheduled transitions for a LONG road trip (200+ miles!) for the 17th. I put 2 phone calls in to EC academic office with CPR/health form questions, which I believe transfered me to the CPNE office who had me leave a message. No return phone calls since Monday. I dispatched an email last week in regards to the CPR questions I had, and finally got an email back today (after calling and wondering if anyone was going to answer it) stating that to wait until I have become CPNE eligible for info. Fortunately I have been able to figure out things with the help of students here. Thanks for the support guys :)