Ha Ha...I was *that* student last night!

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dear lord....I was so sure I wouldnt be! But not only was I the only person who had done the reading, I was the only one with the textbook! I was the only person who had a clue what the professor was talking about, and I was the only one who was participating in the discussion! I felt very weird for sure....kind of like a supergeek....but at the end of class I felt great.

Its also great to know that I have less reading to do now! Ha ha! We were assigned chapters 1-6, but i've already read the first 4 chapters!!

Sigh. Did I mention my professor is *hot*??!! At least I have something to look at when it gets boring! lol

All in all, it was a great first class! How has it been for you all?



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That's wonderful!!! You should be proud of yourself!!!! Being able to comprehend the information and apply is the best way to deal with nursing school. Just tell me one thing...how did you complete all of your reading assignments...lol. I"m super organized....at least that's what my classmates think...I just have to figure out a way to get all of the reading done. I've mainly just been focusing on the study questions and lecture outline in my syllabus, and concentrating on those topics for my reading.



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I'm glad that you felt great about your class and about your participation. You should feel great!!! Students are doing themselves a disservice by not going to class prepared to discuss the material, and that means reading the chapter/s beforehand at the very least. Good for YOU!


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Fatima, I read my textbooks every chance I get! lol I get up early, I stay up late....these classes are very important to me and I want to give it my all. My kids have those leappad things so they read when I read! its been working out well!

But then again, i'm only taking 2 classes this semester. that makes a difference too!

good luck!

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