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Hello everyone,

I am currently doing my BSN at Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, Texas, am holding F1 visa for international students, and will be graduate (BSN degree) in December 2014. I would like to create this topic thread for international students, who are also BSN graduate of 2014, to be updated about H1b visa/GC info.

As far as I know, in order to obtain a green card as a registered nurse in the US, we have 2 directions: H1b and H1c. However, there is no more H1c accepted since September 2009. Therefore, H1b is the ONLY way of getting a green card. Please correct me if my understanding is wrong.

Therefore, we are now encountering the same problem just as other professions: The job market will NOT be friendly to us just because we are nurses. Life changes, things don't stay the same. Nursing is not our promising future anymore. Honestly, I was worried reading the news that H1b application is now ceased until April 2013.

This topic is for BSN graduate of 2014 to be prepared for what we want to do after that. Please share with us any possible thing that could help us, only if you don't mind. That would help us a lot and I personally really appreciate. These are my questions that I wanted to suggest:

  1. What is the good time do you think we should start the job hunting?
  2. At the job interview, should we even mention about H1b with hospitals/healthcare companies right off the bat? Should we speed our sponsor hospitals/healthcare companies to the process of filing our visas due to the limited of accepted application?
  3. What are the areas that they are really in need of nurses? I am thinking of geriatric because the "baby boom" generation is reaching their ages of needing helps now.
  4. What clinics/nursing homes/hospitals in the DFW will likely do GC sponsorship for us?

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incorrect you can go straight for GC however you will not be able to stay and work in the US unless on a H1b whilst waiting for GC to be processed due to retrogression. Nurses generally go under the EB3 category for GC.

H1b has x amount of visas allocated and depending on demand will depend on how quickly they are used up. This year was the quickest H1b was used up for a few years. Not many hospitals go the H1b route as job has to be advertised as a BSN and many nurse jobs can be done by ADN and employer must be willing to pay the $$$ it costs.

Remember you have OPT which will allow you to work in the US for 12 months to gain post grad experience but you must get a job within x amount of days otherwise I believe it is invalid and you become out of status. This you do not want.

So what you said is it will go BSN --> OPT --> EB3 --> GCHowever, as far as I know, EB3 is ONLY for Australian. Please correct me.So, if I want to go H1b, I'll need to have an ADN degree, is it correct?

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For H1 b you will need minimum of BSN and the job has to be advertised and aimed to a BSN. Hospitals don't tend to go H1b due to expense and they must pay not you. EB3 is immigrant card therefore greencard. And depending where you was born will depend on wait and for most not all the quickest processing time once I140 has been approved is 6 plus years and unless you maintain status ie student or find a hospital willing to go H1b you can not stay and work whilst waiting

Sorry I've just editted my previous post to another question. I've read here: E-3 Questions Is Eb3 only for Australians? Please correct. I am a citizen of Vietnam.

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No E3 is for Australian citizens EB3 is a immigrant visa category (EB=Employment based)

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