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GWU/MWHC W2 Scholarship Program


Does anyone know the monetary value of the W2 Cohort Scholarship Program that is offered through MedStar Washington Hospital Center for George Washington University's accelerated BSN program? The BSN program is quite expensive and the website states that the W2 scholarship is a partial scholarship. Any further information regarding this topic would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all!

Under the agreement, students in the W2 cohort will earn their B.S.N. at GW's School of Nursing, fulfill their clinical rotations at the Hospital Center and are guaranteed employment at the Hospital Center upon successful W2 completion. Students in the program will also receive a 50 percent tuition scholarship.

Thanks so much! Did I also read that you must remain at MedStar Washington Hospital Center for 3 years if accepted into the W2 cohort scholarship program?