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Guidance needed for a nursing student with a goal.

by Amanda Ricker Amanda Ricker (New) New

Hello Everyone!

I could use some help. I'm in my final year of nursing school. I really would like to focus my career path for pediatrics with my ultimate goal into school nursing. I have no idea how to get there, and don't want to misplace any more time. I plan on continuing my education and will earn my BSN.

Are there any certifications that would make me more appealing to employers in the pediatric field? I'd like to be able to practice in three states Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virgina is that possible? Any advice and direction would be appreciated!

Thank you!


KelRN215, BSN, RN

Specializes in Pedi. Has 14 years experience.

You should try to get your preceptorship in pediatrics... that is your best in and is pretty much the only thing that I think makes a new grad look more appealing to a prospective employer. That, or CNA experience in pediatrics. Every state has different requirements for school nurses. In my state, to get initial licensure as a school nurse (you need a separate license from the Department of Education), you must have pediatrics and/or community experience and a BSN. These requirements don't apply to nurses in private schools.

If you want to practice in New Jersey, Ohio and West Virginia, you need licenses for each state.