Guess what happened to me the other night...

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Well, just thought I would share...Other night I came in on my flex night and was none too happy considering it had been a VERY busy day....Anyway, come in and they tell me I have a labor so I go in...First thing I hear is the evening nurse tell the patient that she is lucky to have me for her nurse, without prompting mind you. So, my spirits are lifted along with my ego..

Patient is fully with just a little pressure....So, my thought is why not let her just labor down (she is a 23 year old primip)....But, the doc wanted to get out of there so came in and we commenced pushing.

Patient turned out to be a pretty good pusher for half and hour or so, then started the crying and writhing in the bed. God forbid we EVER do an epis..

Flash forward another half an hour....Some of the head appears with a push. Patient starts screaming that she wants her mommy. I tell her she can use me as a surrogate mom. She is having none of that..

Boyfriend is trying to help by making stupid comments that on another occasion might have made her laugh. I even have to tell him that it is probably not a good idea to call the baby an alien baby or tell the patient if she doesn't get the baby out she will have a csection. I see disaster written all over it when she grabs for him..

I calm her down and everyone is in the room anticipating a delivery. We have given her the massage, cool cloth to forehead etc...She is finally under control when VOILA...In one swift movement she deviates from the McRoberts position (and I am on the business end of her right foot, which is planted firmly on my right shoulder) and screams, grabs her boyfriend's testicles and launches both legs into an upright and straight position. This accomplishes two things. It makes her boyfriend scream and stop the stupid things he was saying, narrowly misses knocking the doc, who is a little bit of a thing out AND launches me across the room almost but not quite, into the warmer. Naturally, I twist to compensate and hurt myself..But the good thing is I did save the doc..

Now I have to say that the velocity which was achieved was monumental and the momentum something like what it might have been years ago when I was size ten...

Off to the emergency room I now have to go per my chare nurse. They take one look at me and tell me it shouldn't have happened, that no woman would be strong enough to do such a thing. They then ask me how I am feeling on the pain scale, and stoic me tells them...They aren't impressed. If I only had a film of what happened it would have been like watching a train wreck in slow motion...

Then the patient tells me tearily later ( she didn't even realize what she did), that she is afraid of being a mom and thanked me for being there for her. Did I mention at the time of the leg incident the doc took one look at me and decided right then that an episiotomy was going to be done, and quickly..

Passed the dad going out and he was still looking green.....


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decided right then that an episiotomy was going to be done, and quickly..

what, as punishment? :confused: Maybe I missed something there...

Anyway, I'm sorry you got injured, we've been having a lot of injuries at work lately, have a couple people on worker's comp/light duty due to injuries.

How are you feeling now?


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Nope, lady obviously needed some assistance. Only 1/2 dollar sized part of the head was showing and she was pooping out (no pun intended) and, since she was begging for a csection and screaming and the heart rate of the baby was going into the toilet, the doc decided it was best to get the baby out for both mom and babe. We don't punish our patients. Sorry I left the part out about the ever declining FH.....


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OUCH I am sorry this happened to you. You do sound like a conscientous nurse. Injuries are the bane of our existance!


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Mermaid, sorry you were injured and I'm sure this wasn't funny to you at the time but the visual sure did give me a chuckle this morning.

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Many, many years ago when the world was young and the ages dark and I was a new nurse, I was in a delivery where the doctor asked the nurse to give some fundal pressure (it was a really long time ago when that was still being done). Mom's legs were strapped in the stirrups and her hands restrained in the leather wrist straps (did I mention how long ago this was?). The other nurse gave just a little pressure and the patient wriggled her left arm out of the restraint, grabbed the nurse and threw her the length of the delivery room. I was there and I saw it. She flew across the room; I swear that her feet did not touch the floor for at least 10 ft. I remember the doctor sitting on the stool between the patient's legs and how his head just swiveled as he watched her fly by him. Fortunately the nurse wasn't injured, and the doctor decided that any woman strong enough to do that would be strong enough to push the baby out without fundal pressure.


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Nora that last sentence cracked me up. :chuckle

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