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Guaranteed hours, first contract questions



I am new to travel nursing and have just been offered my first contract in an ideal location. I did ask the recruiter to put in the contract a guaranteed 36 hours. When I received the contract it stated I was guaranteed 36 hours, but if cancelled I could be rescheduled and must be available for the rescheduled shift, otherwise my hours are not guaranteed. Is this an acceptable offer?

Additionally, I have been hired for days which the contract states. However, it has a clause stating from time to time there may be changes made to my shift and they reserve the right to do that. What exactly does that mean?

I am being too nitpicky to ask to not be held financially responsible if I sign the contract and then they decide they want me to work nights? Would it also be too much to ask to specify the re-scheduled shift if cancelled, be a day shift? I also wanted to know if I should have them specify if I am cancelled and re-scheduled for a shift that I am not available for that I am not responsible for paying them, the same way I would if I called off sick?

I have read some horror stories on here and just want to make sure I am covering myself. I just do not know if I am being too crazy about the contract specifications.


An offer is only acceptable if it is acceptable to you. Did you discuss work schedule during the interview? If you are concerned, call the manager prior to accepting the contract.

I do plan on speaking with the nurse manager. I just didn't know if that was a typical way of guaranteeing the 36 hours. Thank you for the feedback!