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I am a newer CVICU RN and in my ICU we have a fair amount of autonomy. When our docs write an order for a drip, we hang it, start it and titrate to where we feel it is appropriate. I am still learning things daily, and trying to become more efficient with drugs and everything else, but I find that there is not always someone available to ask questions to, and therefore I know that I have to know these about medicines off the top of my head. So, hopefully you all can help.... My question is WHAT ARE THE COMMON DRIPS WE USE IN THE ICU, WHAT ARE THE MIN AND MAX AMOUNTS, AND HOW MUCH DO WE TITRATE BY AND FOR WHAT PARAMATERS. ALSO ANY CONTRAINDICATIONS OR SIDE EFFECTS TO WATCH FOR WHILE THE PT IS ON THAT MEDICINE? I know that each hospital is different and has their own policies, but generally speaking... Thanks so much!!!


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I would be surprised if your hospital doesn't have guidelines for this and you should check for them on your unit or with your clinical nurse educator. But, here is a handy image.

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Dont just as someone, you might get burned real bad , when you should not just be asking but also confirming and have unit approved guides, guidelines for all the medications. Such as an official unit bible on meds or computer software that has standard drip rates etc.


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This handy image makes me giggle.