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Gtcc vs Forsyth Tech

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Hello! I have just been accepted to Gtcc and Forsyth Tech nursing programs! I am so excited to start nursing school, but I am puzzled as I don’t know which school to choose. Can anyone that has been through the programs at these schools let me know about your experience please I would really appreciate it! 

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inthecosmos has 3 years experience as a BSN, RN and works as a RN Progressive Care.

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FORSYTH TECH. We had many, many students who hated GTCC and ended up transferring to FTCC. FTCC has wonderful faculty and the expectations are clear from day one. I graduated with honors 3 years ago and have never regretted my decision to pursue an education with them. I was able to graduate with honors and land a job prior to graduation. I passed the NCLEX in 75 questions. They prepare you well for the NCLEX and practice. I completed my BSN 1.5 years after graduation and am currently in a MSN/DNP program and feel that FTCC set the foundation for my nursing career.

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