Group Work and Community Clinical any tips?


So my community clinical instructor e-mailed us 4 days before the beginning of the clinical to let us know instead of the clinical going half the semester it goes all semester long. Additionally I have about 10 group work assignments and I live 45 mins from campus. Any tips on how to get through group work and all the teaching and projects that go with community clinical? What was your community clinical like and how did you survive? Thanks in advance!


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Ours was also all group work in community health. We were teaching kids about sugar in drinks, teaching in pairs (and I didn't get along great with my partner). We did a lot of communication via email and text. Same went for papers, in general. One of my classmates lived over an hour from campus, in the opposite direction of where I lived, so getting together all the time wasn't feasible. There was a lot via email or even Facebook.