Group vs Hospital - Which is the best employer?


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Leaving aside our professional differences for a change...;)

Do you think it is better working as a hospital employee or as the employee of an anesthesia group with MD's and anesthetists? I've always worked for a group, so I don't know what the differences would be as a hospital-employed anesthetist. Better? Worse? Is there some advantage or disadvantage of one over the other?


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From my limited experience talking to several groups and hospitals, the one difference I have seen is in the benefits. The hospital CRNA positions I have seen have far less retirement contribution and less vacation time. For example, one hospital I was looking at gives 3 weeks vacation/ year and the same 4% retirement contribution as the other employees. Most of the groups I have looked at start with 5-6 weeks vacation and much better 401K (12-15% contribution). Groups often offer profit sharing or yearly bonuses, good luck getting that from a hospital!

One of the local hospitals is offering a wopping $2000 for a CRNA sign on. That's insulting since most new grad RNs are getting more than that! The two groups I am considering are in the $10,000 sign-on range.

As far as clinical practice, I have no idea what the differences might be. I have a very narrow perspective since I am just starting to look at my options for when I graduate next year, so I could be way off base.


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I think hospitals can be good as well-----my "group" is getting way behind on contributions with retirement, they only give 3% matching and ***** about everything from our salaries to our malpractice payments----not sure where you are looking at trauma nurse, would like to talk to these people myself


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It really depends on the hospital or group, how many MDA/CRNA employed, and size of operating room, and what you are looking for.

Before school I came from a hospital that employed their own CRNAs. The schedule was M-F, work five weeks off the sixth week and an additional 4 weeks vacation. Call the weekend before your week off and one week of evenings during those five weeks. Benefits included 401K with 6% matching, partial medical/disability insurance, etc. Salary 130's/10K sign-on for 3 yr commitment.

After school I chose a group (better benefits). Work is M-F (10 hrs), no nights, no weekends, no call, out by 5pm. Salary 120's, they paid off my scholarship from the other hospital plus a sign-on bonus for 2 yr commitment. Benefits include profit sharing/401K (15-18% Gross income), five weeks vacation, paid medical and , etc.

At my point in life I wanted my nights and weekends off, plus it's nice knowing that no matter what come 5pm I'm outta there!

Weigh all your options, sit down and sort out what's important to you.

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