Grossmont ADN RN 2021 requirements

Grossmont ADN nursing requirements


I am applying to Grossmont this year 2021 for the ADN nursing program, but they require immunization of MMR, Hep B, and Tapd along with the application and the rest of the files. as I read there are two shots of MMR and Hip B and each shot will be 6 to 7 months apart. does anyone know if Grossmont accepts the immunization after being accepted? Palomar and City College will require them after being accepted in the RN program. I also have no insurance, does anyone know where I can get them cheaper in san Diego.

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Hi, I am also applying and as I understand the application requires this to be done prior to applying. I would still try though! Include a letter stating that you have begun the process and it will be done prior to beginning the program. Ask for understanding due to COVID's extenuating circumstances. It might not work, but worth a try ? And I would recommend trying to get in contact with your pediatric doctors office as you may have already gotten many of these. CVS is a place that has vaccines available but I do not know exact pricing. Hope this is a little helpful!