Grilling from a newb


Hi folks :)

I'm considering a career as a CNM and I'm trying to get a better idea about the field from the people who do it. And I have some questions.

What made you decide to become a CNM?

Why are you a CNM? (N/A if this is the same as above)

What sort of personality traits would you say working as a CNM takes?

Are you happy doing it? Can you describe a good day/bad day? What's the ratio of your good days to bad days?

Was/Has it been difficult for you to find a job?

How often do you have power struggles with the back-up doc? Do you ever feel powerless?

What seems to be the general attitude of doctors towards midwives?

Do you encourage your pt's to do vaginal births? Without pain meds? If so, what sort of responses do you tend to get?

Do you do home births?

In general, how many of your pt's do you "know" (i.e. repeat customer)? Do you tend to have more pt's that are random strangers? Does this depend on whether you work in a hospital or not?

Do you have any other bits of advice/tidbits of information to offer up?

... I'm a very question happy person. I would love to hear what any of you have to say.

Umm, I didn't mean to be off-putting... Nor did I expect anyone to answer all of my questions. *Sheepish*

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I doubt that anyone was put off by it - this area is a little bit slower than some of the others, hopefully you'll get a few responses when people have time!

I am just in school, or I would fill it out - sorry!

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