Greensboro, Winston Salem jobs for new ADN grad ?

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Well I finished up my ADN thru Excelsior and I'm on the hunt for a job in the Greensboro, Winston or Kernersville area. I have been an LPN for 2 years and I am enrolling in a BSN program this fall with completion within 18 months.

I know Moses Cone is only in the market for BSN grads. What about Baptist, Forsyth or Kernersville Medical? Any tips would be appreciated. I am hoping to start in a critical care area or ER if possible.

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Cone Health is definitely shifting to BSN but I think they have taken a small amount of ADN. I'll have to ask the new nurses on our floor what they are. Unfortunately many of the new grad positions are filled earlier on. When I was hired 4 years ago I had my job by Febuary before I graduated in May. The hospital in Kernersville is owned by Novant Health who also owns Forsyth. Unfortunately the ADN market is getting smaller so you may not have as easy of a time getting into critical care. You might try starting in a SDU/TCU. Kernersville Hospital only has a very small ICU so I can't imagine they would hire a new grad for it. It is a nice looking hospital, but I think anything really critical would get shipped out to surronding hospitals (they are able to feed into all of them,but I assume a majority go to Forsyth)

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Thanks for your reply. I am looking into anything in and around the Greensboro, High Point, Winston Area. I'd be happy with just about anything at this point, get about 8-12 months under my belt and transition into critical care. It would be great if I could start out in the ER or ICU, but I understand I may have to wait it out. I am moving on to my BSN, its just going to take about 18 months to finish this one.

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