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Greater Vancouver Graduates


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I'm graduating December 2010. I've applied to Vancouver Coastal, Fraser Health, and Providence Health Care. So far no email/call backs yet. I know that a few students in my class of ~70 got jobs but it was mostly the unit they were precepting in. Both the unit I'm precepting in and my ESN unit are not hiring now.

I don't know what else to do. I would not be freaking out that much if I did not have such huge student loans to pay off. If I was debt free I would take my time and not worry too much.

Anyway, how is your luck going? If you were hired, where is that? How did you do it?

Did anyone directly call or email the managers?

Let me know your tips and experience!

p.s. anyone taking the February 2, 2011 CRNE?


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Congrats on almost being done! I am just going into my 3rd year at the University of the Fraser Valley. My clinical instructor recently told us that they layed off abour 86 RNs from Fraser Health. Yes, not very good.... apparently there are not many jobs for the new grad in the valley... I know not very many of the 2010 class found jobs so far. But this will be me in Aug 2012... :(