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Greater Lowell Tech, Massacusetts


I am new to this site and new to nursing - hopefully! I am applying to the LPN program at GL Tech evening division. Is anyone else here going or has gone to that program? I am taking the NET in June (the last test date) and I just ordered study materials. I have to pass it because it is the last time they offer it!!! I am 40yrs old and completely changing my career so I am hoping I am not the oldest in the program if I get in. So send out a hello if you are going to the program at Lowell Tech.

I had just taken the entrance exam at greater Lowell and I was a little disturbed by what happen there I maybe wrong or was I the only one who noticed that . I am ok with the math part 33 questions in 30 minutes . Why was the reading part like that ? I have been taking exams for a long time and I have never seen people being rushed thru a reading exam where you hardly have time to read the passages. because there were several passages that had to be read in order to answer the questions. If anyone has the same opinion please answer back.

I am very concerned about the way it was done


Juanbobo - It was a lot to read in a short time but did you get the NET study guide? It warned over and over that it would be 33 questions in 30 mins. I think it is because as LPNs we have to think and act quickly so the reading was testing us on how quickly we could absorb the reading and use analytical thinking for answering the questions. But it was a bit much - I am a fast reader and when we got the 5 min warning - I had 6 unanswered questions. Good luck on passing and keep us posted!

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