Great Nursing programs for BSN in Texas?


Hi Everyone!

I am currently attending a community college and working on complete my prerequisites in order to transfer. I have been looking into UT Arlington, Texas Women's University, and Texas Christian University, but I am not familiar with very good nursing programs here because I just moved here from California. I just would like some insight on which university would be a great choice and any advice regarding being a nursing student. Thank you all in advance!

Look at the Texas BON website, under education you can see the last 5 years of NCLEX first pass rate history. The higher the percentage, the better caliber the education. It really depends on what area you are in and where you want to go to school. Also is this your first degree? and TWU give extra consideration to students who already have a Bachelor's and who may have completed a certain amount of credit hours there. The UT system, Texas A&M, and Texas Tech all have great affordable schools.

Good Luck! (TWU Student)