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Has anyone else read "Lady's Hands, Lion's Heart: a Midwife's Saga" by Carol Leonard? It was given to me as a birthday gift by one of my closest midwife friends and it is great! I think I identified with it even more than with other midwife stories I have read - maybe because she writes about the same period of time in which I was having my kids and trying to find a way to become a midwife. I recommend it highly!


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Thanks for sharing! I love to read those kinds of books. I'll check it out!


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I just read this a few weeks ago and couldn't put this down. Carol Leonard is a true pioneer and an amazing woman!


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I was at work on a slow night (yes.....I myself still can't believe we had a slow night!!) at was looking at midwife books available on Amazon. I came across this book and clicked on it to read the excerpt. I absolutely laughted so hard!! Only the first few pages were available to view and it cut me off at the point where she is beginning to give birth to her first child. I so wanted to be able to keep reading. What a fantastic book. As a matter of fact I think i'll go on Amazon now and look for it so that I can order it today!:yeah:

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