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I am wanting to relocate due to the pathetic choices of places to work in Memphis. I moved here from Nashville, where I worked at Vanderbilt and loved it (esp trauma). I wanted to be near family and was naive about working conditions. I know nashville has vanderbilt, my hubsband would like texas, florida, charolette, or some other nice cities in the south, But I am scared to repeat my last mistake. Any and all advice would be helpful. Thanks! (ps. I like teaching hospitals)

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I know exactly what you are going through. My husband is retiring from the Army (ages 38 & 36) and we are trying to find a GREAT place to live. Almost moved to Michigan for a job my husband wanted. Now he really wants to go to SE Alabama because of the extremely low cost-of-living. I'm concerned over the quality of jobs and flexibility.

We currently live in Arizona (smaller city) and nurses are treated pretty well. We self-schedule and ratios are decent. Pay is about $25/hr give or take a dollar or two depending on experience. Phoenix and Tucson seem like great places. I worked in El Paso, TX and nurses were treated well. There was such a shortage of nurses there. I would go back, but my husband has trouble with the language barrier in many parts of El Paso. I think it is a great place.

I will read with interest the posts you receive since we, too, are needing to relocate. I hope people address housing costs, staffing ratios, pay and scheduling.

Good Luck!



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There are some great teaching hospitals in Baltimore. University, Johns Hopkins and Union Memorial, Shock Trauma at University might interest you. Cost of living in MD is a bit high....just a thought. I work at Hopkins and love the teaching atmosphere. Good luck with your decision.

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