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Hi. I am a RN with a BSN. I have a 3.89 gpa (BSN) and about a 3.6 overall gpa. I have 5 yrs ICU experience (1 yr in Trauma ICU, 4 years in CCU, 2 months in CVICU pediatrics, and a couple of months in transplant ICU. I have adult ccrn certification. I just took the GRE and bombed it. I made a total of 940. 470 on verbal and 470 on quantitative. I was unable to finish the quant and had to guess at 8/28 I know it would've probably been atleast around 550 putting me over 1000. My question is you think I have a chance at admission with the low GRE scores or should I retake it? What do you think?


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Well...depends on your school. I have seen people get in with lower GRE scores, but it's a risk. If a ton of strong canidates that equal or have better backgrounds....and...they have a better GPA it might matter. Some schools won't even send out interview letters if you don't meet the minimum requirements. Plus, there are some schools that aren't requiring it anymore. sum up. Figure out where you want to go to school or apply. Consider calling them and asking. Safest route would be to retake and get the >1000 that most places require.

The rest of your app looks great. Good luck!


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What did you do to prepare for the GRE? If you took it without adequate preparation, I'd suggest redoubling your efforts and retaking it. It actually isn't a horrible score, just not competitive for CRNA school. In fact, if you took it without practice, I'd say you have fantastic potential to do very well on a retest.

Your post suggests your problem was timing. There's a book available that ETS publishes with old tests. They also have software that mimics the actual exam (available for free on the ETS website). I would use both of these resources to get your timing down. You're so close! Plus, wouldn't you like to know what you can really do!!



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You did not bomb the GRE..... All CRNA schools in Michigan require a grade higher than 800 overall in order to be considered. Most schools here don't put much emphasis on getting a great score. I got a 990 on my GRE and was accepted to a few schools in the Detroit area with no questions asked.


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Actually, I studied for about 2 weeks prior to the test. I appreciate the pep up. I know if I'd been able to answer those 8 out of 28 questions...I would've probably had 1000. Its been over 10 yrs since I took Geometry and 10 yrs since


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I know many people that got into CRNA school with GRE scores lower than yours. In fact, quite a few students in my class have owned up to having GRE scores that were

Best advice, talk to a representative at the schools you're interested in before you retake the GRE. You might be pleasantly surprised. Good luck...

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