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GRCC Nursing Students 2017


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Hey there! Curious to see if there are any other students on this site expecting to start either the ADN or LPN programs at Grand Rapids Community College (GRCC) next year? I'm all set to begin the ADN program next month and can't wait especially after being on the waiting list for so long!

How long where you on the waitlist?


Specializes in Telemetry.

A total of a little under 3 years if my memory serves me right. I believe I received my letter to set up my educational development plan about 2.5 years after I took the HESI and then I started the program January 2017. I'm actually getting ready to graduate in just 2 weeks. I took my HESI February of 2014 and started the program January 2017 so yeah, right around 3 years. The waiting list is considerably shorter now though and people are allegedly starting the RN program within 2 years of taking the HESI. The wait was worth it though. I'm already set to start a job as a nurse the week after I graduate.

Did you ever look at any other nursing programs while you waited ? If you don't mind me asking, do you remember the score you got on the HESI?