Grayson County lvn program prereqs not completed still chance of being accepted?


Hello all,

I am starting my process for the application at Grayson County's LVN program. I dont have any college and it has been over 6 yrs since high school. I applied to the school online and my next step would be registering for the next available survey to a&p class which I believe is in may. My question is do you think that with a decent score on the TEAS and all the other requirements comleted besides completed survey to a&p I woukd have a decent chance? I will be enrolled in the class but it will not be completed by the time applications are due on june 10th. I am very serious about this. I cant wait to start this career as a a straight male and be the minority in such a field that requires so much compassion and patince.

Any responses will be greatly appreciated and taken into consideration. Especially those from enrolled or recent grads of GCC lvn prpgram.