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Grayson County LVN Fall 2012

by joshmichelle joshmichelle (New) New

Hi everyone! I took the Teas V on the March 26th and I am waiting on my results. Just wanting to see if anyone else has taken the Teas and applying for the Fall 2012 Lvn program. I plan on applying, but I am so frustrated with myself! I over looked my Hep A vaccine and now there is no way I will have it completed by the first day of class :cry: Anyone else worried about getting vaccines completed in time?

Hey, I think I am just over the border from you...got accepted at Murray State in Tishomingo, OK. Yes, I am a little worried about that...and all the other medical stuff. I told my boss that I would probably be going to nursing school next year, baring some awful disease they might find that would exclude me. Part of me thinks that is a viable possibility. I mean, who knows, right? And going to nursing seems sort of not real anyway. But I digress...Yes, the vaccine thing is worrying me, too. I can't even remember getting shots at all, so I'm thinking, "Did I get them?" Oh, well. Guess I will figure it all out soon enough.

I got confirmation today that I will not be able to start the program in the fall. Im very frustrated! I have worked so hard and its up to one Hep A vaccine that wont be completed until September...ugh! Oh well I will just keep my head up and wait for the application date :crying2:

So sorry for your frustration. Hope you get in next go around.

So sorry for you... I am currently in the LVN program at Grayson and we only had to have Hep B.... The RN program required Hep A..... Double check with the director of the program because I believe you only have to be completely vaccinated by the time you start clinicals in the nursing home which for us was in late october.

Hi there! I'm also applying for the LVN program for 2012. I've already taken the TEAS once and am taking it again on May 31st just to be sure. I wasn't sure if my score was going to be high enough so I'm going to take some time to go over the science and will hopefully be able to bring up that score a little bit. Best of luck to everyone. It seems like that vaccines have been the biggest problem for a lot of applicants. I called the ADN director just to make sure I was on the right track and she assured me that since I would be done in July, I was good to go. Now just to check and double-check and triple-check that I've got all my paperwork turned in. I am so paranoid about forgetting one little thing and not getting in just because of that.

I'm also applying to the LVN program. I know what you mean about double and triple checking. I am really paranoid about forgetting something! I think that I have it all turned in though. Let us know how you do on your second teas attempt! I just took it on the 25th. I got an 83.3

Anyone else getting really antsy waiting for their letters?