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Grayson Applicants fall 2020


Hey! I created this page to see who else is applying for Grayson's ADN program. I applied with 24 points. Very nervous waiting until June to find out if I got accept! Comment so we can be this together!

I'm out of county applying with 20 points! Yes, I know not very competitive but it's what I'm working with. Do you know of any who has gotten into Graysons Program with less?

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Never know you may have enough! No I only know one person who got in the program and I think she had 22 or 23 points.

OK, thanks! Super nerve-racking!😬

I know right! Did you get your blue card in the mail yet?

Yes! About a week ago...

Really I'm just playing the waiting game. I really hope I get in this round!

OMG me too! I have been so stressed. I hope we can returned to in person class in the fall. I don’t like online school :(. Have you applied at Grayson before?

No I have never applied to Grayson until recently, I'm a current Collin student looking to transfer in the fall! I agree online schooling sucks!

Oh nice! I just graduated from Collin in December. I’m transferring also!

If you don't mind me asking, why didn't you apply to the Collin nursing program? I heard it's really hard to get into...

I did twice and didn’t get in. It’s very difficult to get in! So I looked into other nursing around the area. Grayson seems to fit me the best.

Yea that's exactly why I'm applying to Grayson. Sorry to hear that...

It’s okay. It allowed me to save up more for school!

Then we are all coming from collin college, I was to graduate this last week from Collin

How well did you guys do on the HESI?

Oh nice! Hopefully we all get in! I live in Frisco what about you guys? I made a 93 on my HESI.