Grants and scholarships needed 2nd degree student


Does anyone have any resources on where I can apply for these? I am a second degree student and need money for school. I cannot get any more loans because I already have taken out some for my masters degree (completely unrelated field). Will having a bachelors and masters prevent me from being able to receive any grants? What are some scholarships? I applied to the tylenol future care scholarship.... I need more like these. I hate using fast web because all they do is spam my inbox. Iam currently accepted to a BSN program at a community college (combined w a university) and I need money for tuition this fall! :(


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Im not 100% sure on the grants, but I know as a 2nd degree student I couldn't get them b/c I received Pell grants with my bachelor's degree. I had to use loans unfortunately, but there is the Perkins loan and it's basically "free money" for nurses b/c you won't ever have to pay it back(well Im guessing as long as you graduate!). I did receive 2 scholarships but they were based out of my local area. I would advise you to talk to the school and nursing office and see what scholarships are coming up/available.


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Look at state loans. I know my state loan has a loan forgiveness program. If you work for 5 years in the state full-time, they will forgive your loan through them. However, it is harder to get. I only get about 500 dollars through it. It is need-based too. They do not pro-rate it for part-time work though.