any grants available for Lpn nursing schools?

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Hello all, I was wondering if anyone knew of any grants for students entering the nursing field, since its so high in demand..I go to a private nursing school that doesn't accept financial aide, so any little help would be great

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Most grants are at the federal level (Pell Grants, Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants, etc.) But I don't want to disappoint you but nursing is not a high demand field at this time. There are many unemployed new and experienced nurses (RN and LPN) throughout the United States.

There area a few federal scholarships from HRSA but LPN students are not eligible (RN only). If you are working you can see if your current employer offers tuition reimbursement. In my class (a public school) most students were Pell Grant eligible (if they didn't have a previous degree) and the balance supplemented with Federal student loans, some used private student loans if they were ineligible for Federal or maxed out their Federal loan eligibility.

Have you checked with your school financial aid office? Many private schools have endowments for grants & scholarships, but the award may not be automatic you must inquire and apply for these funds. (basically the money may be there but you'll never know unless you ask...never understood why the scholarship funds were a big secret)

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