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Grand Canyon University Acute Care NP experiences

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Wanting to hear peoples experience with the program, and if they would recommend it. I live in California, and would be doing the online program. It appears they have on campus skill intensives which I like the idea of. Waiting for the recruiter to contact me to answer some of my questions. 

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anne_marie_oregon has 6 years experience and specializes in Nursing.

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I also live in California - I am in the FNP program with Chamberlain. I have looked at the ACNP program with GCU, and it looks great! I did my undergrad with GCU. I say go for it!!!

All of the NP programs will include the 3 P's (patho, pharm, and physical assessment).

I say go for it!!!

Are you comparing it to any other programs? Compare it to Chamberlain and Maryville - and I think GCU is right up there.

The other one I looked at that has a good payment plan is United States University, which several of my co-workers are doing, although they are doing the FNP program.

Best of luck!!!


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