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Just needed a place to vent. The one thing every student looks forward to is graduation and the only thing standing between me and that is my exit exam. This final sem has been one huge emotional roller coaster. I'm exhausted, emotionally and mentally. It feels pretty impossible to pass right now, especially after 3 attempts. I have one more shot before graduation or else I can't walk :( I know that once I get out in the field, this exam will be a distant memory and it won't matter how well I did or how many times I took it, but who wants to miss out on graduating from nursing school. It's hard to just "get over it" because I'm really cutting it close and I've already passed all my nursing classes. I'm just struggling to accept where I'm at right now...pretty devastated.

I know exactly how you feel and what you're going through right now. I had to take my exit exam 3 times before I passed, which was the day before graduation. It's extremely important to just relax. You obviously know the nursing material because you have passed all your classes. You're done! I realize that it's difficult to be calm during this time, but it is imperative to put up a mental block on all thoughts except one... The question right in front of you. You should be 100% focused on the current question. Allowing thoughts of previous failed attempts, whether or not you will be able to walk, or how stressed out you are just clouds your mind and impairs clear thinking. So just let go of all your inhibitions and focus solely on what you're being asked.

Take the exam one question at a time. Don't allow yourself to dwell on previous questions/answers or how much time is left. Read the question carefully. Imagine the situation in your head. If necessary, reword the question in your own words. Determine what the question is really​ asking. Don't assume or try to predict the correct answer. Consider each option thoroughly, eliminating incorrect options and choosing the one that BEST answers the question. Select it and move on. Don't second guess yourself or change your answer. Just move to the next question, forgetting all about the previous one.

You have what it takes because you finished nursing school! If you can mentally isolate yourself from all that is going on in your life just long enough to take an exam, there is no reason why you won't be walking at graduation with all your nursing classmates. You got this! You are completely competent. Just have some faith and kick some exit exam butt! :up:

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I hate tests too. But just remember, you KNOW this stuff or you would not be so close to finishing. Good luck and I hope you get some rest