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Can anyone tell me about their graduation and pinning ceremony. Im on a graduation committe at school and I was wondering how this are done. What did you do? how did you do it? Was it nice? how many family members could you invite?


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Well Im on the Pinning Committee planning ours. Which is on the 12th of this month. :)

I know every program does things differently. We are using the auditorium on campus for the actual pinning. It holds ALOT of people that way we could invite however many we wanted. Basically the students will be sitting on stage facing the audience, and the instructors are on stage also. We have found a music student on campus that is going to play the piano for us before... during the candle lighting ceremony... and after... She is only charging us $50 (which is cheap)

We will be using brass lamps, like Florence Nightingales. We had a classmate die last semester, so the big candle we light off of will be the one we light in memory of her. So the piano person will be playing "I will Remember You" by Sarah Mclauglin while we all CRY and light our candles. During this one of the instructors will give the significance of the candle and the nursing pin and caps. And we are wearing our school unifroms.. And all the girls voted to wear nursing caps for the pinning. After 2 years of hell we deserve those caps.

After the candles are done. The actual pinning will take place. We chose which instructor we wanted to pin us and when they call your name.. You and your instructor go to the center of the stage and they pin you. We have also handwritten Thank Yous to our spouses and Families that will be read during that time.

Afterwards we are having a reception in one of the ballrooms on campus.. Nothing fancy just cake, mints, coffee, punch..

I'm sure I have forgotten something, so if you have any other questions feel free to msg me :)

We had so many people donate money and stuff for us. One of our hospitals donated the programs and our invitations.. Which was nice cause we had 250 invitations and asked for 400 programs. Another donated 100.00 to go towards our cake. When it gets that time. Go ask anyone for donations. Cause it all adds up and you will need it :)


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Thanks A LOT.. I hope I can email you again to get more information.. IM lost when it comes to this stuff...

When you said that people have cards with thank yous to family and friends. THis is read off by someone while they are getting pinned? so It has to be something short and to the point I would think. Right?


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Yeah very short and sweet.. No 2page Thank You.. they were written on a 3x5 index card.

Feel free to msg me anytime. I will be able to tell you how it went after the 12th :)


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OK THANKS.. iM SURE IT WILL BE GREAT!!!! HAVE A GREAT TIME!!!:balloons: :biggringi


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We have been raising money for our pinning ceremony since the beginning of the program. We graduate in may and have planned our pinning ceremony, now it's just putting it together. We are having it at an ELK's lodge, and each of us is allowed to invite 5 people, we have the lamps and say the nightengale pledge. One of our family members pin us at the time of the pinning. I believe the school pays for the invitations and we print of our programs and a thank you note on our printer in the classroom. Right now there are twenty five of us that are going to graduate. We still have to decide on decorations and stuff, but we still have some time even though before we know it, the day will be here. we have our pinning at 3 in the afternoon and graduation is at 7 with the rest of the college, oh i can't wait, an't wait, can't wait. So much planning and waiting and before we know it the day will be gone and we will be taking boards. Enjoy your day and congratulations for making it through this tought program.


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What kind of music are y'all playing for the processional and when leaving?

I too have my pinning on the 12th of this month. We are not allowed to affiliate it with the school so, we are having at church, that way it's already decorated for Christmas. There are ten of us and since we are in a distance learning program have only one instructor. She is pinning most of the students /x three, whom have chosen their mothers to pin them. On of the nurses at the hospital we did our rotations will be doing a speech and calling out our names. I wanted her to say our thank yous, but the other girls opted not to. After we all get pinned, we will be lighting our candles (plain tapers) and say the nightengale pledge. Then the pastor will say a prayer and our instructor will dismiss and invite the audience to join us in the hallway for refreshments (cake, coffee, tea) Most of us plan on celebrating with our family and friends. As for me we are returning to my home and have catered food so we can embide in spirits!!!!

A helpful site I went to to help me plan it was San Antonio college. I searched pinning ceremony. They have it detailed out.

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