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Help! My daughter will be graduating with her ADN in May. We're in the early stages of planning a party for her. Do you have any idea where (or IF) I can buy some nursing-related decorations for the party? I'm not sure what I'm looking for... but maybe even strings of lights that are little nurse's caps, that type of thing? I don't know whether it even exists. I'm finding lots of standard graduation party supplies, but can't find anything geared toward a degree in nursing. I hope no one takes this the wrong way, I'm not trying to make light of her degree - on the contrary, I want to shout to the world how proud I am of my kiddo. Thanks for any advice you can offer!!!


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ebay has smiley face ballons wearing a nurse cap, nurse rubber duckies, etc. jsut search for "nurse party"

they have mini first aid kits for about $2 that would make cute favors

I'm thinking tongue depressors could be used for something......

I would put snacks in large bowls with typed RX labels taped on them. Name: Doritos, For:Nourishment, Directions: Eat in small quantities until your fingers turn orange.

Or something like that (sorry, I am getting tired)

gloves turned into ballons

invitations something like:

Your invited to (insert last name) Hospital on outside.

Inside- Date of Exam (date of party) Time of Exam,Hospital Address:, Condition: Education Symptoms: Silliness, Happiness, all over goofiness Remedy: Spend time with friends and family and eat birthday cake. include clipart a nurse followed by " To confirm/cancel your appointment please call or email Nurse (your name)by (date).

hope this helps you get started :)


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The Oriental Trading Company, Has all sorts of party favors and they are on line. Also Party City, if you have one locally. I do like the above posters suggestions as well.


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mkcrturner - thank you SO MUCH! I am anything BUT creative - those are all excellent ideas, and I'll probably use every one of them!!!

And BouBou, thank you too! I used to get catalogs from Oriental Trading Co. years ago, and had forgotten all about them since. We don't have a Party City here, but I will definitely look into OTC.

I really appreciate your help, my dd is going to LOVE this!

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Specializes in Staff nurse. you know anyone who works in OR? Maybe you could ask for the disposable drapes that many docs don't use and OR nurses or surgical techs ask for to use as drop cloths (my almost d-i-l did this). You could use the drapes as tablecloths or a backdrop of photos you have from nursing school (I had my pic taken with a skeleton with its arm on my shoulder & my arm around its waist when I was in A&P lab). The other suggestions are cool :)

...oh, once we had a staff party on the floor and I printed up announcements for "STAPH PARTY". Have fun!

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