Graduation and New Graduate Residency vs. RN Job


Hello everyone!

I have a question about graduation and getting an R.N. position. I will be graduating this May, and would like to schedule to take the NCLEX-RN in June. So far, I have been looking for nurse residency programs, and I have been applying to them. From other posts I've seen, it seems as if those are the only jobs recommended for a new graduate to apply to. Should I apply to non-nurse residency jobs who prefer nursing experience (I do not have any experience, I work as a PCA). Would that be a waste of time?

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!


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I would apply anywhere and everywhere. These days you can't be too picky! While you don't have RN experience, you do have PCA (I am guessing that is tech experience in your neck of the woods) experience... That is more than most people have getting out of RN school.

Although nurse residencies in my opinion would prepare you the best (they are set up to prepare you well-lengthy orientations with all the courses you need to become successful) and are most likely to hire you, prepare to take anything offered. Good luck on your job hunt. Having recently been through it myself, I can tell you that YOU can certainly be hired soon after graduation. It just depends on where you are located and how you present yourself when offered an interview.


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Yes, it is tech experience. Thank you for the advice!


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I've been applying to a lot of different things, even if it clearly requires experience. You never know who may call you back! I have one position lined up, but I could use a second one, since the first is per diem.

Good luck!


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Thank you for the advice. Good luck to you as well! And, I adore the dog as your profile picture :-)