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will be graduating in MAY!!!!!

We had our first meeting to begin planning our pinning ceremony. Our instructor gave us a progam for us to go by.

On the original there is a quote and the whole class agrees to find a new one, but no one can has yet to think of a good one. The origanl quote is:

This once was a dream and now the time has come to continue on into the reality of what a dream can become.

Also, we need a good song. One of our students found a song. She brought the words in but failed to bring the acutal song. Yes, I think the words sound ok, but if I can't hear it, how can I vote on it without hearing it. ( it's a song from Australia) Plus shouldn't the piano player and singer know what it sounds like before they agree to doing it?????? :Melody:

So send in some suggestions on a great quote or phrase and some song choices. And any other ideas for the ceremony or even the graduation ceremony where we can make this an extra special day.....

One idea we are thinking about, is on top of our caps we are going to use glue and glitter to spell RN. That way our family can pick us out as we sit with all the others graduates while waiting to be called up....

I hope this will become a thread that all can get ideas from for graduation of the pinning let those ideas flow..


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Congrats on the upcoming graduation! My pinning was this past Tuesday and it was such a great day. I don't have any specific ideas for songs/quotes, but we did a lot that made it really personal and meaningful for all of us. Before the ceremony, we had a slideshow of pictures taken over the past 2 years ending with a slideshow of baby pics of all of us. The baby pics were a huge hit with the families and it was fun to see all of our classmates as little kids. Also, along those lines, we also burned copies of our slideshow onto a CD and gave a copy to everyone in the class so that we all would have a copy of the many, many pictures. In our program, we all wrote our own personalized thank yous. Reading some of them brought me to tears, literally. As far as music goes, 3 of our musically inclined classmates sang at the ceremony-one of the songs was Seasons of Love from Rent. Whatever you guys chose to do, make it personal. It is such an emotional, special day and I'm sure you will love your pinning as much as I loved mine. Oh, and don't forget to bring the tissues-you'll need 'em! Good luck!!


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have a local or city politician give a little speech ??

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