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Graduating high school students


hi, i just graduated from high school in delaware. i've been interested in becoming a cna. the problem is that i can't afford to pay for the classes right now. are there anyways that i could get some kind of aid or are there any institutes that will train you for free to become a cna? i've tried my states departement of labor, but the aid that they do have your minimum age has to be 18. i just turned 17 so i would have to wait a whole year, and i don't want to do that.

Are you set on becoming a CNA? I assume you are doing this as a stepping stone to nursing school?

You CAN get financial aid to go to a university or community college that would cover your tuition and books. Do that for a year take your nursing pre-req's. If you still want to become a CNA you will then be 18 and qualify for the state program. Most CNA programs are only a few weeks and can be done over the summer. Then you can work as a CNA, get a feel for the profession and get a jump on your nursing school classes. Kill two birds with one stone.

You are smart to start looking for help right away. I applaud you! :yelclap:

Man I wish I was 17 again! :p

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