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2013-2014 graduates of BSN in PH taking CA BRN

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hi. fellow nurses im planning to take CA BRN i am aware that CA has strict policies regarding foreign takers of NCLEX- CA during my time the CHED revise our curriculum is the revision of our curriculum something to do with NCLEX? because i take my OB,pysche, same with MS lecture and RLE at the same time..i need some clarification before i migrate to CA thankyou nurses.

There is not a strict policy per se regarding international takers of the NCLEX-RN in CA, it's the same exact rules and regulations that can and has affected even US educated grads and US nurses, that has been in writing since 1987. What is happening is the strict enforcement of the rules (more so about the concurrency), nothing more, nothing less, nothing new.

Every transcript is evaluated based on its own merit, there's no way to tell from this forum or the other 100's of other forums, therefore, until your application is in the processing stage can you get the answer you asked.

As you have read just in this forum, some have gotten their ATT and others have been declined. In any case, as with the other state's BON's any and all application fees submitted is not refundable once the package is opened for review.

That's the only option you have to see if you qualify or not. Good luck!