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graduated from RN-BSN program, only got LPN degree

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I am wondering if anyone out there knows about this topic .... I went to college for RN-BSN program. Passed all the classes without problems until it came to the N-CLEX. I took it 4 times and when I still did not pass, I decided to try for the LPN exam. I passed and became an LPN. The time limit was up on taking my RN exam so I have just been working for the past few years. I have now decided that I would like to try the RN again. I am not sure if I have to go back to school LPN-RN classes or if I can just take a few refresher courses and re-take the NCLEX. If anyone has any information about this PLEASE let me know .... I am confused at what to do next????

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You'll need to contact your State Board of Nursing. Each state makes its own rules about that sort of thing.

You are a graduate of a BSN program. You should only have to re-register to take the NCLEX-RN unless you are a resident of a state that has rules about length of time since graduation. For example, in Texas, you must pass the NCLEX within four years of graduation or you are required to take a review course. Contact your state Board to find out what your next step is. And congratulations on your decision to again pursue an RN license. Good luck.

Thanks for the help ... I wasn't sure if that was the first place to check or not.