Graduated in 2013 with MSN...need study tips


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So, I graduated with my MSN (FNP) in 2013, took my boards right away and didn't pass. After that life just kept going on and now its mid 2017......yikes. Lot of things happened in these 3.5 years but I won't bore you all with that. But I feel like I am ready to cross the bridge. I know it will take time and hard work to pass my boards but I feel I am ready to start again.

I am currently working at a SNF Tu-Fr 10 hour shifts. What would you guys recommend as for study plan? Couple hours/day? More on the weekends. About 6 -8 months.. or more..may be a year? Any books or Classes anyone would recommend? Please help me come up with a good study plan. Any input (good or bad) is appreciated.

Specializes in Adult Nurse Practitioner. Has 40 years experience.

I would strongly recommend a couple review courses but first...can you sit for an exam 4 years later?

I believe so. I called AANP and they said as long as I take CEs for my areas of weakness, I would be legible. I think I need 15 CEs and that's it. I even asked her is there a time limit and she said there isn't. Or was I given wrong info?