Graduated ADN 15 mo ago, nclex 11 mo ago, what's normal in job hunting (in Miami Fl)?

Nurses Job Hunt


  1. How many jobs did you apply to before landing your first RN job?

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Hey everyone! Like the title says it's been a year and 3 months since I graduated ADN and 11 months since my nclex. Previous B.A in psych. This is my 1st time applying to jobs, I don't have experience or perspective. Btw I wasn't able to immediately apply to Nx jobs back in October for 2 reasons:

#1 I had no car and this is an incredibly car heavy city and I know it would be very very difficult to get to job interviews/job fairs or use public transport to get to and from work if I was lucky to get a job.

(:eek: I honestly was lucky my bf was even able to take me to school for a whole 18 months while working!! It somehow worked out since we live a mere 10 minutes from the Nx school with the clinical sites basically next to the school. However, there was NO guarantee I'd get to work in said nearby clinical sites, so I took my first job in education to save up all my money towards a car until May 2017.)

#2 I was seriously burnt out and scared I'd wouldn't manage my first year of nursing with a measly 8 week "orientation". Even though I was a very studious student that excelled overall, everyone I know would say I was crazy for having a crisis in self-confidence. But it's true. If only I'd applied back in October to residency programs maybe by now I'd be working. But alas, I did not know how good they were at easing you into nursing and giving you that extra helping hand In that 1st year. I wasn't ready to have my training wheels taken so quickly.

So two months ago I bought my used car and started applying to jobs. I'm at job #93 atm and I've applied to 12 residencies. I'm not sure if this is normal or what?! I have a friend that took 9 MONTHS looking and being 'picky' she says to get into the StaRN prog. Another basically got lucky and started one after graduating 4 months and another only applied to 3 and got into a residency program. We all did the same program and they graduated either a semester before or after me. I don't have work experience but neither was my friend who was picky.

Ive only heard back from 1 job which was a school nurse position which was going to net me 17,000$ a year!! I turned it down and now I'm regretting it 2 months later... I've applied to ambulatory, urgent cares, l&d, mother&baby, NICU, public health, home health, ophthalmology, OR, rehab, Peds, dermatology, case manager, Tele nursing, 1 SNF, research, sheesh I even got desperate and looked at LPN jobs...

Too long didn't read: WHATS NORMAL IM GOING CRAZY HERE \>.

Am I too rusty for residencies to pick me over new grads?

How many job applications do you send out per week?

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