Graduate in 3 months and panicking

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Hello all nurses,

I graduate nursing school in 3 months and am panicking. I live in a highly populated state and want to stay here when I graduate. The pay here is good and my family is here. If I need to I will leave but I really really don't want to.

the problem is that I have not had a job in 4 years. I studied and volunteered throughout school but I did not work. I have unpaid internships under my belt too, but nothing paid. I regret not working at a grocery store or something just so I could put that I worked. All jobs ask for work experience and not all consider volunteer work.

I am also panicking because I didn't work as a CNA or tech or something. I just couldn't handle that and school together. I know myself and I know that it would overwhelm me. But now I regret it.

is there anything I can do in my last 3 months of nursing school to help me get a good job? Should I take on a job as an aide after I get my RN license to be competitive? I've applied to various jobs and have not heard back from anyone yet, buy I also have only been applying for 2 months. I know I am almost guaranteed a job in a non-acute clinic setting but I don't want to hurt my chances of building a wonderful, satisfying, productive and financially supportive career., and EVERYONE tells me I need to start in acute care.

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