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I was just wondering, does anyone know how the grades from the community college transfers to the nursing program? Specifically, does all the grades transfer, or just the classes that are required for the nursing program?

For instance, if I had to take basic comp. in English, would that transfer along with my Eng. I & II, or just the scores for I and II would transfer? Also, are the scores from the "prep" classes considered in my GPA by the nursing program or just the core classes?

Thanks ahead of time for any help in answering this question.


p.s.-I'm so glad this semester from hell is finally over. I promise that I will never procrastinate and put off studying for science(micro) finals until the night before the final exam again (at least until next semester :D).


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The only credits that actually transferred for me were those required by the new school, not the credits that led up to them. Human Growth and Development (Psych 201) was a requirement of the nursing program. But Psych 101 and Psych 103 were pre reqs for Psych 201. Only the Psych 201 grade transferred, and yes it did become a part of my nursing school GPA. Good luck.


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If you apply as an undergrad all your classes that can transfer will transfer. if it's something like a prep that's required by your CC and made for the CC only, it will not transfer. Most CC's will list what classes transfer to the local university and what don't.

Like your Eng prep probably won't transfer but I&II will.

For instance, at one school, I was told that Eng II was needed for nursing GPA, Eng I is required for Eng II (as you know) and it transfers, but it dosn't count towards nursing GPA, it counts for overall school GPA.


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- Every school is different.

- Some only tansfer the credits - but not the GPA.

- Some transfer both the credits and the actual grade, and the GPA.

- I attended Penn State Univ, Univ of Pgh, Lehigh Univ (Philadelphia, PA), Ivy Tech Community College (Indiana) and will be attending St. Joseph's School of Nursing (Syracuse, NY) in the fall. Each place has different policies with regards to transfer of credits.

- Talk to the folks at the college(s) you plan to attend. Never hurts to mail them an transcript and set-up an appointment to talk. May cost you the $20-$25 admission/application fee to have your transcript "officially read" -- but it's a small price to pay for piece of mind.

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