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Grades too low for entrance What do i do?

Hcutts Hcutts (New) New

Hi, I've been trying to move to OR and am applying to nursing schools. However I have a previous degree (in psychology) and have a GPA of about 2.65, all the schools I've been looking at have a minimum GPA of 3.0, and I know the competitive GPA is closer to 3.75. What do I do? What schools can I apply to? Which colleges will allow me the time to get my grades up for at least the prerequisite programs? How do I go about applying to those schools?

My previous GPA has a lot more to do with my immaturity at the time, and less to do with my actual academic abilities

Any information would be much appreciated! Thanks!

WookieeRN, BSN, RN

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You might want to look at schools that put more emphasis on pre-requisite GPA than cumulative. How many pre-req classes have you completed? Any chance you can retake classes for better grades?