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Grades for admission

Kholtmed Kholtmed (New) New

I am wanting to apply to nursing school, but I'm worried about my prob/stats(math) grade, it's a C. All my sciences and other classes are As, I'm also a paramedic. (But there's no medic to rn bridge programs around me so I'm not sure if my license is factored into admission.) Any other students or RNs that were admitted with a low math grade? I am applying to an ADN program at Walters state in TN.

LPNtoRNin2016OH, LPN

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I would ask your counselor at school, she should have some knowledge how one C among all A's could impact you. Are you doing associates or BSN? We have to take stats as part if our bridge program but its really so we have it done when we do the BSN after obtaining associates...so maybe the stats grade will not be carried with as much weight if it is indeed an associates program.

Associates program. All they advised was I meet the minimum GPA to apply to the program. I just don't want to get rejected for a C, but I've heard more weight is placed on AP grades. I'm just nervous.

windsurfer8, BSN

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Being a paramedic is not a nurse so it has nothing to do with admission. Grades are number 1. Your school should be able to tell you if you meet the minimums on your pre reqs to qualify to apply for the program. For most BSN programs B or higher is required for pre reqs, but get the facts from the school you plan to attend. In the future..do everything you possibly can to get at least a B in all classes. This sets you up for the future. Some people think they will be at the bedside forever, but later decide they want to go to grad school and realize those bad grades haunt them. As and Bs basically are like insurance for the future. Good luck!

I can't speak for the schools in your area, but in SoCal you'd be fine. Most of the ADN programs here look at two things in terms of grades: your core science GPA (micro, A&P1/2) and your overall GPA. The only way that C would hurt you here is by bringing down your overall GPA (which I'm assuming wouldn't be by a lot if everything else is an A). I wouldn't worry too much if I were you.


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