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Hi everyone! Okay, so I have a few questions pertaining to grades. I am currently a prenursing student. So far, I have a 3.56 overall GPA and a 3.59 Institution GPA. The school I will be applying to requires a 3.0 GPA. But here is my worry. I received a D when taking college algebra. I am currently retaking this course hoping to at least make a B. However, my school does the whole grade average thing, for example a+f=c. In my case im hoping to make a b, b+d=c. However, im worried I may make a C. And c+d does not equal above a d. This grading system doesnt make sense to me. How does it work if a student first makes a D then makes a C?

Also, anyone get into Nursing school with one D, after retaking the course? This is my only bad grade.

Also, the point system when applying to Nursing programs, is this for every school? How does it work if it is? Ive heard they take Areas, A,F,D plus overall gpa plus teas score. Is this true?

Thanks so much!!


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It depends on your Nursing School. I had a D in Chem (young and dumb) and retook it later and scored an A. Although my school doesn't average them out they do take in consideration if you learned from it and changed it. I would find a tutor though because college algebra is essential for Med calc, which you only get three tries to pass with 100%, if not you are dropped out of the program.


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I'm not sure how it works but some programs do allow prereqs with grades c or above. However you must read the details on if they allow retakes for courses with c and above.

i read upon some programs that didn't allow retakes for c and above grades.some programs are tough in that they only allow prereqs with B and above.

if you're taking it again, try to do a lot better. If you need help you need to get help right away!

the highest math I've seen for nursing is probably statistics which is required for BSN programs. so algebra shouldn't be too difficult. If your school has free tutoring, please use that resource.