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Hey everyone ;). I have a question for the many CRNA's and SRNA's on this forum. I was wondering if anyone knew how CRNA schools look at your previous coursework? For example, I have had straight A's pretty much for the better part of the last 4 years. Unfortunately about 8 years ago I received F's in about 30 credits of nonscience classes (student Highschool arogance). Now I have a 3.9 GPA through the last couple of years. But, with those BAD classes on my transcript it brings me down to about 3.2. When the pre-examination commitee looks at my application, will they look at my nursing school and BSN GPA and saw WOW, but when they look at the BAD grades from 8 years ago, will they just throw my app in the trash? Those BAD classes we from a non-medical technical program, so I am finding it hard to believe that they would even consider it. So I am here asking this wonderful site about it :D.

I am asking this because, I want to know if it would behove me to retake those classes or not. I would not want to waste a year of my life retaking those classes if I don't have to. Thank you everyone!

Thx. I might just do that.

Start in Jan... 28 mos long

Good luck buddy :). So do you live near there or are you gonna move?


Just wanted you to hear another success story. I have been offered a spot at Wolford College in Naples, Floirda. I am also interviewing in Texas in January and waiting to hear from a couple of other schools to see if I get interviews. Keep trying! It will happen.

I am having the a very similar problem. My first degree GPA is 2.9 and my nursing school GPA is 3.5 and I keep going on interviews and everyone tells me my cumulative GPA is too low. I have 4 years CCU experience, CCRN, retaken physics, organic, cell biology and started basic graduate level course work and still cannot get an acceptance letter. I am remaining optimistic though and have upcoming interviews at Kentucky and Webster University. Are there any interview tips that will help me look more attractive? It's difficult to convince people how great you are.

With your qualifications, you should be "acceptable." This may feel awkward, but I think you should gather a few impartial skilled interviewer friends who will interview you and critique you objectively. They should be CRNA's who have a familiarity with the programs you are targeting. Ultimately, if you are meeting acceptance requirements but not getting accepted, there may be some quirk in your presentation of your self that can be trained to better fit the programs.

It's always OK to approach the director of a program you have been denied and ask what they think you could have done better on or what additional qualification you need. Consider being that forward.

All this is assuming you're not carrying a prison record or a 900 GRE score or some other interesting disqualifier.

Above all, you are demonstrating determination which is a strong trait. Keep at it despite the discouraging setbacks.


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