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Grad Admissions: Academic Letter of Recommendation!

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Hey there! I'm in the process of researching grad programs (FNP/Adult Health NP) and I'm hoping to apply for 2012 if I can pull everything together. I graduated from college 2 years ago and all programs require academic references. I was a decent student, but not necessarily one that a professor would remember strengths, weaknesses, etc.

I'm concerned that if I ask someone who doesn't really know me well, the result will be a generic and uninfluential letter. So I contacted one professor who knew me on a more personal level, as well as in the classroom, and he is willing to write one. He has a Master's degree, but I recall that he frequently used poor grammar and I have no idea what a letter by him would be like. :confused:

Also, some programs require 2 academic references. So should I still contact professors who may not even recognize my name? This is a little awkward.

Any advice on this? Thank you, kindly.

linearthinker, DNP, RN

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Call the schools you are interested in applying to and ask them. When I was applying, I completed all my apps to the letter of the law, exactly as requested. I still got questions like "Why didn't you send us a letter from a nurse colleague?" Um, Cause you didn't ask for one? The director of admission to the specific programs can give you the best advice. I found them consistently helpful at every school I looked into. Good luck.