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I'm thinking about applying to gpc i was wondering is there some students on here who already attend or currently applying . My question is how hard is it to get into i read some students did really good with everthing and still was denied what is the most thing there looking for is it science, good gpa or test scores .

I go to GPC. Just got accepted for Spring 2011. This was my first time applying and I got accepted. I don't know about how hard it is to get in. Its competitive like most places. If you have a strong GPA, track record as a student and decent TEAS score, I think you should do fine. I would agree that GPA is really important, with science, I think they pay more attention to A&P grades more than the other science grades. Chem is a pre-req for A&P but they don't consider it as part of your science pre-reqs. I know they pay attention to number of withdrawals and repeats. Not that you can't get in if you withdraw or repeat but it may count against you when you are being compared with another student that did not. The people that I know that did not get in for Spring, had a few Ws and repeats, one person had a C in A&P. They just started doing the TEASV - not sure how much emphasis they put on it, you need to score Proficient,Advanced or Exemplary to be considered.

They accept more people in the fall than in the Spring, so I think acceptance for Spring tends to be harder than in fall because they only have a few spots.

Not official, but I think they also prefer folks that will have all if not most of their gen ed classes done already, that way you can give all your focus to nursing classes.

Thank you very much you were very helpful i will be applying to the school really soon i know they have a nursing seminar coming soon and i do plan on attending that at the clarkston campus my coworker just took her teas test and did amazing out of the whole math test she missed on question and she havent been in college in 4 years but overall i hope to get accepted.

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