Hello all, I am currently a NS in Texas and am in my first semester. I am doing reasonably well with the first 8 weeks of classes under my belt. But I'm not happy with my test scores/grades (yes, I'm a type A personality, but I don't demand perfection, I will probably end up with a B in most classes) and I'm wondering how much my GPA will really matter once I'm out. I plan on going forward with my education and becoming an FNP or PNP or oncology NP. I have a few years on me now and I already have an undergrad and MBA in business.

Here's my question, given the above info. if I were to get out of nursing school with a 3.25-3.50, is that going to keep me out of graduate school at public or private schools? or will it hurt me when I go for job interviews looking for an RN position when I'm directly out of school?

Just wondering if you all have any experience or knowledge on this one.

Thanks so much