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GPA/GRE/Stats Direct Entry Programs and Admissions


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Hello Everyone,

I haven't been able to find much data on this question(s) so I am curious, what do the average GPA and GRE scores of successful applicants to direct graduate level entry programs such as Columbia, Boston College, Yale etc. look like? What stats are weighted the most (UGPA vs. prereq GPA vs. GRE) and what sort of soft factors do they value most highly (personal statement, shadowing, campus extracurriculars, etc.)?

Side Note: I realize that these questions are rightly secondary in the minds of many as an RN is an RN and an NP is an NP regardless of school as long as they are certified. I am however a bachelor, reasonably well financed, and would like to potentially teach one day so I have no reason not to aim high.

Many thanks!