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  1. Hello All,
    I've posted some questions in the past, and you've all been great at responding. I have a new one for you...

    As some of you know, I'm going to an ADN program that is only SACS accredited... but I have been in close contact with local programs for the RN-BSN track (which are ACEN {NLNAC} and CCNE accredited). A local university has just started an RN-BSN 3 semester program, which I am intent on being accepted to.

    My question to you all... what is the actual PROCESS of becoming an RN in the military (if you are in the USAF or NG, PLEASE weigh in. These are my top branches). From the time you meet with the AMEDD recruiter to the time you actually set foot on your base, what should I expect to encounter? I've spoken with many recruiters, but all I can get is "Wait until you've finishes the BSN program to talk to us..."

    More info:
    6 months into a 2 year ADN program
    Will be 25 at end of BSN program
    Clean record/ Not even a parking ticket/ speeding ticket
    2 years JROTC (Navy)
    Married/ no children (will not have children by the time I apply for the US Military)
    As of 2013, 98% on ASVAB
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  3. by   Pixie.RN
    Good luck in the BSN program! GPA matters, so shoot for that 4.0. Most branches are holding selection boards once a year, in the fall after the start of the new fiscal year, so you can anticipate that would be when your packet would be reviewed for selection. I can understand the recruiters not wanting to spend much time with you yet -- they're looking for people who are ready to go because the need for nurses has diminished. But you can pursue National Guard immediately, they take ADN-prepared RNs as long as they are actively pursuing a BSN: Healthcare Officers | NATIONAL GUARD