VAMC and the Union

  1. Another question for all you VA nurses .... how many of you are participating in the union or are just members? Have you found the union to be useful for you and if so, can you share a story about your experience?

    I just joined the union and have not had cause to use it, but wondered what kind of power the union actually has given that as federal employees, we have no strike power.
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  3. by   TaylorMade,R.N.
    I personally am not a member of the Union because I know that as a federal employee we can't strike and the Union can only work for you within the constraints of the Master Agreement that they have developed with administration. To me it was like they were just blowing smoke up my a$$ so that I could pay those every pay period dues, which are different at every facility and never get anything accomphlished. I have only seen them meet, greet and eat, and that is not to say that they want help you in your time of need. I just feel that as a intelligent, prudent nurse that I want need there representation especially when they may easily be pursuaded by adminstration (Master Agreement) to turn and look the other way. Anyway by paying the dues you could afford pre-paid legal assisatnce or channel that money into your personal account for legal matters and hire an attorney of your choice who might not be so easily intimidated or pursuaded by the big Master Agreement. Hope this helps you out. Please contact your Union Rep and get the low down from the horse's mouth.

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